Moving old applications into the online space has never been easier.

Are you interested how is reprogramming done?

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Modern applications

Creating a clone of an old application reflecting current trends and technologies.

Make your business more efficient, flexible and adaptable to changing conditions and trends.


Work anywhere at any time. Use a computer, tablet, smartphone, watch or any cool device you like.

Keep your processes and business under control wherever you are.

Saving money

Online applications do not require powerful computers. No more need of expensive hardware.

Online applications do not require any installation, maintenance or upgrading. It saves a lot of money for IT maintenance.

Our work

We have great experience in programming. We started in DOS, have continued in Windows and today we are creating cool mobile and web applications.

Online bookkeeping system

Online bookkeeping system Humanet is our biggest project. We have been working on it from its beginning.

Humanet is the most complex online bookkeeping system in Slovakia. Thousands of users are using it every day for personal agenda, payroll and bookkeeping.

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